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Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology

What is forensic psychiatry & forensic psychology?

Broadly, forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology is the practical application of clinical psychology to the law. Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists have specialised training in mental health and the law.

Who does a forensic psychiatrist and psychologist work with?


People of any age, background, gender, ethnicity, race, and religion with mental health issues may become entangled with the legal system. The assistance of a forensic psychiatrist and psychologist is thereby required to help the court determine whether the offender’s mental health issues caused and/or contributed towards the commission of the offence(s).

Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists work with any litigants in a potential or on-going court case. For example, in the context of criminal law, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists can work with offenders and victims of crime, as well as those who are at risk of prosecution. Likewise in family law, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists can mentally assess divorcing parties or the children of divorce, to help the court determine issues relating to custody, care and control, or access.

Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists also liaise with other legal and mental health professionals in order to resolve their clients’ issues.

What services are provided by Promises Forensic Psychiatrists & Psychologists?


Medico-legal assessment and comprehensive reports for court proceedings


Psychometric testing for IQ, personality, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and more


Risk assessment for suicidality, violence, and sexual offending


Treatment for violent offences, sexual offences, driving offences and drug-related offences


Expert testimony for court proceedings in specialized area of forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology


Psychological autopsy

Promises is committed to providing psychiatric and psychological services to both locals and foreign nationals who are involved with the legal system.

We accept cases either directly from clients or their legal representatives. We are also able to arrange for services to be provided regionally in South East Asia.

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