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Invest In Your Relationships


Relationships are hard work. 

When two people come together in a relationship, they each bring along their own narratives and experiences about relationships from their own lives and their families. Every couple has disagreements, but a hallmark of healthy couples is that they address their differences constructively.

Differences need to be addressed through relational skills like communication and empathy; and critical skills in conflict management such as accepting influence, being open to compromise and navigating gridlock in perpetual issues, among other things.

To create long-lasting relationships or marriages that flourish, couples need to adopt the growth mindset – the belief that they can change, become better and commit to reaching their shared goals. Our team of relationship therapists will help you and your partner navigate your relationship and build resilience to face the inevitable challenges of every relationship.

Services Our Relationship Therapist Provides

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, you can seek help from our relationship therapists who are experienced in navigating the many different complexities of relationships.


Individual Coaching

Individuals – who are looking to equip themselves with relationship skills, such as those recovering from traumatic break-ups who desire to learn how to establish a more resilient relationship.

    • Target audience: Age 18 to 60

Couples Coaching

Couples – married or not – can learn how to work on communication, emotional and conflict regulation skills in order to build greater resilience in their relationship.


Therapy : Before Marriage

  • Customised pre-marital counselling to prepare couples who are engaged to be married.
  • This is an 8 session programme.
  • Couples who are seeking to resolve existing issues and conflicts before getting married.

Therapy : After Marriage

  • Couples who are transitioning to parenthood – Bringing Baby Home (either in a group or in a more private couples session) – 12 hour programme 
  • Troubled marriages –  we work with you to address issues of emotional disconnection, violations of trust due to infidelity, and bolster communication and conflict regulation skills
  • Couples who are experiencing challenges due to differences in parenting styles, issues with in-laws, mental health (depression/anxiety, emotional management), and new mothers who suffer from postnatal depression.
  • Couples who have special needs child/children 
  • Couples who are divorced and are looking to work on closure and learning how to be effective co-parents
  • Couples who have issues with infertility – either primary or secondary. This includes those who are undergoing assisted reproductive technology which can be a stressful experience
  • Couples who have lost a child either through miscarriage, abortion, illness or accident
  • Couples who are empty nesters and have a desire to reconnect and rebuild their marriage
  • Individuals who are divorced and recovering from Post Narcissist Stress Disorder (PNSD)
  • Single parents who are looking to improve on their relational skills in order to start dating again

Our Relationship Services Therapists include:

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, CEO
MMED (Psych), MBBS, CMAC, CCS, FAMS, Addictions Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MMED (Psych), MBBS, Depression and Anxiety Specialist
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist
MD (Psych), MBBS, FAMS, Forensic Psychiatrist
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Ph.D. (Clinical Psych), MA (Theo), BA (Hons) Psych
Clinical Psychologist
DPsych (Clinical), BA (Hons) Psych, MAPS, AHPRA
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical Psychology), M.Soc.Sc (Psychology), B. Soc. Sc (Hons) (Psychology)
Clinical Psychologist
Psy.D. (Clinical Psych), M.A. (Counselling Psych), B.A. (Hon) Psych
Senior Psychologist
B.A., PG Dip Psych, MPsych (Couns), MAPS
Couples Therapist & Relationship Coach
BSocSc (Second Upper Class Honours) (NUS), Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor, Certified Gottman Educator, Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 3), Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology
Psychological & Educational Therapist
PhD (Social Work), MA (Medical and Psychiatric Social Work), PG Dip in Learning Disorders
MA (Couns), MA (I’nal Comms)
MA (Couns), LLB, BA (Psych, SocSci)
MA (Couns), Gottman’s Method Couples Therapy (Level 1)
Clinical Psychologist
MPsych (Clinical Psychology), PG Dip (Psychology), B. Soc. Sc (Hons) (Psychology)
Family and Couples Therapist
M.A. Couns. (Singapore), Certified Gottman Couple Therapist (Lev 3, Seattle), Accredited Parenting Consultant (Triple P, Uni. Of Queensland, Australia endorsed by Ministry of Social and Family Development- MSF), Family Life Educator (FLE), Instructor Trainer – Marital First Responders (SUSS, MSF), Registered Clinical Member, Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC)

You can make an appointment to see any of them at: +65 6397 7309, or by emailing

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