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Marriage Counselling

Divorce is never easy – emotionally or legally. Divorce is a complex process involving much conflict and uncertainty. Your divorce may prove to be one of the most emotionally disruptive events of your life.

What are the common stages of grief during divorce?

The 5 stages of grief during divorce are often known as:











However emotions can vary based on your circumstances which might involve the division of matrimonial property, historical family conflict, child custody, maintenance (alimony) etc.

Thus, few know what to expect at the beginning of divorce proceedings. Sometimes, our emotions get the better of us and it becomes frustrating and tiring to continue. You simply want to move forward in life, put an end to the episode and  obtain a desirable outcome amidst the uncertainties.

Often in divorce proceedings,  family judges will order couples to attend marriage counselling before you can finalize a divorce in Singapore. One such counselling programme is the Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP), which is a one-off counselling session run by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Parents to children below 14 years of age are involved then there could be further issues involved in the divorce process such as The Mandatory Parenting Programme.

The divorce process can be complex and create much emotional turmoil.

Though there is help available through MSF divorce support services, Promises can provide excellent professional help to support you through your divorce. This includes child counselling and parental support with the help of our multidisciplinary psychiatric, counselling and psychological services, as you navigate the complicated and painful process of divorce .

Promises professional clinicians have years of experience in divorce counselling. This includes providing separate and strictly confidential divorce counselling for all parties, including counselling the children involved. Our divorce counselling services will include assessment, diagnosis of root issues, child and parenting support and child supervision during visits. Promises has psychiatric social work professionals in our team to provide child supervision during court approved child access visits.

How can Promises’ marriage and divorce counselling services help you?


We provide professional qualified help in dealing with your emotional and relational issues


Help you find good legal help and advice with support from our Promises forensics teams


We will help you to be better able and ready to find solutions and closure.


We will help you to improve communication through the divorce process, including your children


We can help you better understand the psychological aspects behind the disputes and issues


Provide further professional, emotional and psychological help after the closure of the process such as personal counselling and child counselling.

Amidst the uncertainties, know that a bright future awaits, as with the case of hundreds of clients we have helped. 

Seek help from our experienced professionals now. It can make all the difference.

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