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Promises provides a comprehensive range of psychiatric and psychological services for adults, children and adolescents. Our team of senior consultant psychiatrists can help with medication management for those who need neuropharmacological support…

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Our team of psychologists is experienced in providing evidence-based psychological interventions. The psychological services we provide at Promises include psychotherapy, counselling and addiction therapy…

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Depression Treatment

Most people will feel sad, lonely, or depressed at times. It’s a normal reaction to life’s struggles, injured self-esteem or loss etc. However, sometimes the feelings of hopelessness and despair can become overwhelming…

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Anxiety Treatment

It is normal to feel anxious when the situation calls for it. When the stakes are high and performance is crucial, feelings of anxiety helps to keep your body ready for action…

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Anger Management

It is important to understand that anger is neither a positive nor a negative emotion. Anger is a simply response that tells us something is wrong with a situation – e.g., an injustice has been done, someone has caused harm to us, or invaded our boundaries etc…

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TMS Treatment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS Therapy) constitutes a proven, FDA approved, non-drug treatment for depression. Promises is the only private clinic in Singapore to provide TMS Therapy services…

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Marriage Counselling

Divorce is never easy – emotionally or legally. Divorce is a complex process involving much conflict and uncertainty. Your divorce may prove to be one of the most emotionally disruptive events of your life…

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Psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual or individuals in a group. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well-being, enhances learning and helps develop new skills…

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Myth Busting Teen Mental Health – Self-Harm

Debunking myths about adolescent mental health Although society has made some headway in reducing the stigma and misinformation about general mental health issues, the public's understanding of self-harm remains decades behind. Let's debunk some common myths about...

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