Employee Assistance Programme - Promises Healthcare

MindWealth 360

  • Improve mental health and emotional well-being of employees

  • Enhance workplace productivity and morale

  • Resolve COVID-19 issues

  • Achieve a happy, productive, and successful life for all

 Workplace Wellness & Resilience Training

6 modules of online corporate group training videos

Corporate Online Mental Wellness & Resilience Training

6 modules which can be repeatedly shown to your employees during the 6-month validity period:

  • Modules 1 – 5
    Each module is 90 minutes long
    and is structured into 6 microlessons

  • Module 6 is on Managerial Care Tools
    This module is 120 minutes long
    and is structured into 8 microlessons

Includes an E-learning track for individual certification

 Additional In-Person Workshops & Webinars


  • Customized training topics


  • Trainers are psychologists / counsellors
    from Promises Healthcare



  • Call line to get assistance


  • Email for inquiries

 Confidential Counselling


  • Employee’s identity is kept confidential


  • Individual or Family sessions are available

 Critical Incident


  • Immediate Response


  • Onsite Group and Individual sessions

 Executive Coaching


  • Help corporate executives and managers to build resilience and reach their fullest and truest potential


  • Option for leadership team sessions to achieve developmental objectives

 Additional EAP Services


  • Psychiatric Care and Family Services


  • Psychological Assessment and Therapy


  • Child, Youth, Couple, and Family Services


  • Addiction Services
    (drug, alcohol, sex, internet, gambling, etc)

Email us with your needs and we will customize an EAP programme
which will ensure that your organization will have employees
who are happy, productive and successful in life!

Enhancing Performance

Employees with appropriate outlets to address their psychological concerns tend to contribute more effectively towards the goals of the organisation.

MindWealth 360 has a wide scope of EAP services to lend support to corporate agencies through training sessions, consultations, guidance and help-line services. MindWealth 360’s Employee Assistance Program aims to help you, as an employer or employee, to identify and address issues, including workplace, legal, financial, social and mental health concerns.

Scope of EAP Services

MindWealth 360 is the training division of Promises Healthcare. Promises Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors with a wide scope of training and professional expertise in many areas. The wealth of our team’s experience positions Promises to meet granular levels of needs for corporate organizations ranging from workplace stress and burnout to conflict regulation, addiction, habits of happiness, resilience and more.

The scope of our EAP services extends to:

  • Workshops and talks
  • Confidential one-to-one counseling sessions
  • Family / group counseling
  • Supervisor and management team training
  • Telephone helpline services
  • Psychiatric services with medication
  • Critical Incident program
  • Executive Coaching

As each organisation faces a unique set of challenges, it is best to consult with us for a bespoke plan tailored to your needs.

MindWealth 360 EAP Clients include:
– Singapore Press Holdings
– Exyte Singapore Pte Ltd
– CIGNA Global
– Alliance Medinet Pte Ltd
– Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd
– Mediacorp Group
– Convatec
– Borneo Motors
– Mercatus

– Connexion Asia
– Carrot Consulting
– etc

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