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Tabacco, Alcohol & Substance Addiction

Promises provides a range of clinical services to treat addiction to substances such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco and others. As a premier clinic in Singapore for addiction therapy, our clinicians are equipped to tackle the gamut of mental health issues that occur along the recovery journey, as well address the nuances of factors relating to addiction.

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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is characterised by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. It is a condition in which an individual cannot manage their sexual behaviour, despite the negative consequences to themselves or others…

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Pornography Addiction

The increasing ease-of-access of pornographic material online has led to an increasing prevalence of porn addiction. Porn addiction shares similar traits with other addictions such as sex, gaming, drugs and alcohol…

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Our Addictions Team includes: 

Dr Munidasa Winslow
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, CEO

Sharmini Winslow
Psychodrama Therapist, Executive Director
MA (Couns), BFA (Dance)

Joachim Lee, PBM
Senior Psychotherapist
MSocSc (Couns), SAC Member & Supervisor, APNA Neurofeedback Therapist, IACT Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICBCH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer

Elizabeth Pang
Principal Clinical Psychologist
MSc (Clinical Psych), BA (Hons) Clinical Psych

Dr Ivan Lau
Family Physician
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach

Andrew Da Roza
Addictions Therapist, Sex Addiction Specialist
M.Couns (Monash), MSc (Addictions), MBA, LLM, LLB, Certified Substance Abuse Therapist, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Philip Ang
Consultant Psychologist
MSc (Psych), BSocSc (Applied Psych), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Autogenic Training Practitioner, Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist

Samuel Lee

M.A. in Applied Psychology

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