Fred Chin - Promises Healthcare


Fred Chin

Research Psychologist

MSc (Psychological Science), B Psy (Psychology), MBPsS (UK), MSPS

Language: English


Fred was previously an educator to children with special needs and was involved in implementing behavioural intervention strategies for them.

His passion for psychology lies in the study of emotions, microexpressions and employee well-being.

He is currently mainly involved with the Employee Assistance Programmes offered by Promises, focusing on  Employee Wellbeing.

  • Employee Assistance Programmes (i.e. Employee Wellbeing)
  • Teaching Adolescents with Special Needs (Primary Level English, Mathematics & Science)
  • Behavioural Intervention Strategies for Adolescents with Special Needs (Learning Disabilities)
Certifications and Accreditations
  • Master of Science in Psychological Science
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Member of the British Psychological Society, and the Singapore Psychological Society

Fred Chin joined Promises after he furthered his studies in Scotland, where he graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Master of Science in Psychological Science. He subsequently attained his membership with the British Psychological Society. He specialised in research methods and clinical psychology through his postgraduate degree and completed his dissertation in prejudice and discrimination studies.

Fred graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from James Cook University and completed his dissertation topic in the field of gambling behaviours. He became a Special Education Teacher with APSN Tanglin School to adolescents with special needs. Their disabilities were namely autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome and intellectual disability. In addition to being an educator and counsellor to them, he developed and implemented behavioural intervention strategies to help students deal with their issues arising from learning disabilities, anger management and pica.

He then lectured at the Singapore Institute of Management (Global Education) and international colleges specialising in pedagogies and took great interest in improving the learning quality of lessons.

Fred enjoys learning new languages in his free time.